Customize owns credit card kit




– Software package (works with following OS: Linux, Windows XP and up, MacOS)

– Guide which writer you need to buy to encode the credit cards

– Which cards works best for your job

– Where to get your credit card data which you write on the cards

– A complete guideline from A – Z

– Lifetime support (from our VIP support forum)

* This all will sent to you with a digital download! Absolutely safe and anonymous. We do not need a address or name from you

**if you order hardware we need a delivery address. The hardware will be ordered from a 3rd party supplier. Not from us. Its a legal shop and has no connection to us.

How it works:

– You install our software (5 Minutes)

– You connect your devices to your laptop/computer

– You encode your cards (5 Minutes)

– Now you can cash out at the ATM!