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VISA CC Dumps (Non VBV) [VERIFIED] 4012209


Damien Lalande
$15.00 Buy
AMEX CC Dumps (Non VBV) [VERIFIED] 3012203


Franck Garnier
$15.00 Buy
MasterCard CC Dumps (Non VBV) [VERIFIED] 5012203


Davy Mallet
$15.00 Buy
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CC Dumps from various countries

Notice: [Updated 9/3/2020]

Verified – The card is activated and safe to use for online shopping and cash out

Locked – The card is inactive and not available at the moment

You can either prefer to receive physical cards by mails or CC info by email(no shipping required). If you have any further questions or enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Telegram: @freshstuff88


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  1. hi I’m looking for cvv from Australia

  2. im new here, you’ve been customer for a good amount of time, his stuff is really good?

    1. just got mine cards today, its work thanks

  3. How many credit card will i get for the $160, how many and will these really work at the ATM to just withdraw money like that?

  4. I need the CVV to Taiwan.
    I want buy how can I do?

  5. does this really work?

  6. OMG thank you so muchh freshstuff, will buy moreee from u in the future

  7. same here got mine today, fast delivery <3

    1. How long did it take?

  8. damm thanks man will do business with you in the future

  9. may i know how much is the balance????

  10. i have received my card in good condition, legit seller, will buy from u again THANK YOU!!!

  11. so should i buy btc from coinbase and use that as means to pay for this? which is a safer way to cop this?

  12. may i know what is the limit for this cc

  13. just got my plugs today anyway legit seller thanks

  14. Good and nice service

  15. can i have ur telegram, sir?

  16. hello, i need 3 CVV

  17. Will I get the CVV also?

  18. Is he even legit or what man?

  19. yes I have bought several times from him

  20. looking to buy

  21. How much for 2 credit cards I need to pay bills I need them ASAP how do I pay you I need them by today.. please let me know

    1. $60 for two but now only $30

  22. Looking to buy

  23. is the prepaid cards legit?

    1. yes its working

  24. How long does it take to receive the packages ? I placed an order 4 days ago?

    1. have u received it?

      1. Got it bro thanks alot

  25. hi i need real ones and also s it posible to be posted to moldova

    1. yes telegram me: @freshstuff88

    2. yes it is available

  26. the delivery was fast and will buy more in the future

  27. Hello no problem send card iran

    1. yes iran is available

  28. How do I shop???

    1. just purchase from the site

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