Produce Your Own Credit Cards










If you want to produce your own credit cards, don’t look any longer! With our premium software package you are ready to start today!

With our software package you will receive our customized scripts to write any card and cash out at any ATM worldwide. Blanco Cards you can buy easy at Ebay or Alibaba. Its legal to buy Blanco Cards as they are the same smartcards using in security systems. With a printer you can print your own design on.

What you will receive:

– Software package (works with following OS: Linux, Windows XP and up, MacOS)

– Guide which writer you need to buy to encode the credit cards

– Which cards works best for your job

– Where to get your credit card data which you write on the cards

– A complete guideline from A – Z

– Lifetime support (from our VIP support forum)

* This all will sent to you with a digital download! Absolutely safe and anonymous. We do not need a address or name from you

**if you order hardware we need a delivery address. The hardware will be ordered from a 3rd party supplier. Not from us. Its a legal shop and has no connection to us.

How it works:

– You install our software (5 Minutes)

– You connect your devices to your laptop/computer

– You encode your cards (5 Minutes)

– Now you can cash out at the ATM!

80USD (Downloaded File Packages all in one)

Please send a message to with the subject OrderCustomCC
Message body/Content should include the following:

  • Email address to received the file
  • Form of Payment(Bitcoin or)
  • Any question, other extra comments or enquiries(Any question you want to ask)

If you have any further questions or enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Telegram: @freshstuff88
We will get back to you in the shortest possible time.