Carding Tutorials

What is Carding??

Carding is term described as a trick whereby products are being shopped/ordered from any online shops e.g Amazon, Jumia, FlipKart using Fake Cards(Credit/Debit).

Who is a Carder ??

A carder is referred to as a man who make uses of Hacked credit card details or buys credit cards from Credit card shops, or even pick up Credit Cards from Dumps Via DarkWeb for the purpose of carding online shops.

What You Will Need To Start Carding

Credit Card (CC):

This part is main, sensitive and important part of carding, so calm down and read gently, Any credit card it is in the following format:

| credit card Number |Exp Date| CVV2 code | Name on the Card | Address | City | State | Country | Zip code | Phone # (sometimes not included depending on where you get your credit card from)|

e.g: (randomly taken number/details)

| 4305873969346315 | 05 | 2018 | 591 | UNITED STATES | Dave Washington | 201 |
Stoney Brook Lane | Washingtonton | MA | 01949 |

Types of Cards for Carding

Each credit card company starts their cards with a different number:

  • American Express (AMEX) – 3
  • Visa – 4
  • MasterCard (MC) – 5
  • Discover (Disco) – 6

Each card company has their own specific types of cards, here are some of the basics:


  • Classic– a universal payment tool, which was adopted worldwide in any
    locations designated by the logo of Visa, including ATMs, real and virtual stores, and shops offering goods and services by mail and telephone. This card is intended for those who already have experience in the use of bank cards. It also enjoys popularity among consumers of middle-income, as guaranteed convenience, choice and financial flexibility.
  • Gold– One of the leading products, has been adopted worldwide and allows you to enjoy an impressive financial freedom (higher limit) I
  • Platinum– These usually have limits over $10,000 (but note, just because it has a high limit, doesn’t mean it isn’t already maxed out)
  • Signature– No preset spending limit – great bin to get
  • Infinite– Most prestigious card, virtually no limit. Though there are less in circulation so be cautious when buying these, stick with reputable sellers.
  • Business– it is used for small to medium sized businesses, usually has a limit.
  • Corporate– it is used for medium to large size businesses, larger limit than business.
  • Black– this got limited membership, $500 annual fee, high end card, it has no limit


  • Standard– similar to classic visa card.
  • Gold– it is just like visa gold card
  • Platinum– it is just like visa plat card
  • World– has a very high limit
  • World Elite– virtually no limit, it is an high end card.


  • Gold– usually around 10,000 limit
  • Platinum– usually higher limit, and it is around 35000
  • Centurion– High limit, 75k+ (also known as the black card, but do not confuse with visa’s black card).

What is BIN (Bank Identification Number)

The first 6 numbers of CC is the BIN number, So from the above example the bin is 486236

Now we can calculate few things from above info.. approx balance, is this bin non vbv or vbv , Bank phone no. from google… etc. etc.I will explain later how to check cc balance with Skype method…


  • VBV(Verified by Visa)( You can buy non verified by visa cc from cc Shop )

Extra verification process is added by visa, there are different types of authentication used, most notably would be a password, date of birth, social security number, or mothers maiden name. Will send OTP to CC owner mobile No. or need secret Password when doing transaction in any process.

  • NON VBV (Verified by Visa)

Very easy to use. No need of more info about Credit Card like DOB, SSN, MMN. Also no need for OTP doing transaction.

  • MSC (Mastercard Secure Code)

Similar to VBV, but carders always buy NON VBV CC for carding. Cause the shopping site is VBV or NON VBV we don’t care, we have NON VBV CC.

So no OTP, no AVS, no need SSN etc. NON VBV is not verifired by visa card, you can buy anything with non vbv cards without going through 3rd verification process.

  • AVS – (Address Verification System)

A system used to verify the identity of the person claiming to own the credit card. The system will check the billing address of the credit card provided by the user with the address on file at the credit card company. This was an attempt to help identity theft and fraud over the internet.

This is a system we as carders dont have to worry about since we have the billing address of the credit card holder.

I mentioned it since it is good to be aware of it and that almost every site has this system. It emplifies the importance of typing in the address correctly.

I think u all know enough to do your first carding… So go to main part …

Types Of Carding

According to some great carders, there are three types/levels of carding. They are listed as:

  1. Easy Carding:
    In this level a carder do carding of very cheap goods. For example: small phone call bills, etc. Mostly in this level the carder use to do carding of goods below 50$. This is known as the beginners level of carding.
  2. Intermediate Carding:
    In this level the carder do carding of slightly higher goods like background reports, or very small physical items like some clothes. Mostly in this level carders use to do carding of goods below 50$. The different between the Level 1 and Level 2 carding is that Level 2 do carding of physical items.
  3. Hard Carding:
    This is regarded as the advance carding. In this level the carder do carding of everything this includes: cellphones , laptops and other goods. Mostly in this level the carder use to do carding of goods above 50$ and the upper limits is not fixed.